Established in 1877

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odie was named after Warterman S. Bodey, who, along with Black Taylor, discovered gold there in 1859.  By 1879, Bodie boasted a population of about ten thousand and was second to none for wickedness, bad men, and the worst climate out of doors.

ccurring with regularity, killings sometimes became daily events. The fire bell, which tolled the ages of the deceased when as they were buried, rang often.  Robberies, stage holdups, and street fights provided variety to the townspeople, while the 65 in-town saloons offered many opportunities for relaxation after a hard days work in the mines. 

esignated a state historic park in 1962, it is now maintained in a state of arrested decay.  Today, Bodie stands just as time, fire, and the elements left it a  genuine California gold mining ghost town. Recently, Bodie was been designated Californias Official Gold Rush Ghost Town by the state legislature.

t's easy to reach Bodie from the Bridgeport Inn, head south on US Highway 395.  After traveling seven miles south, follow the signs east about 13 miles to Bodie State Park.  If you're more adventureous, you can take the Masonic Mine Road off Highway 182 and follow it about 14 miles over some beautiful backcountry dirt roads to Bodie.

ven more information about Bodies colorful history is available online. You can visit Bodie State Park. If you want to involved in helping to restore Bodie, visit Bodie Foundation . Call the park rangers at (760) 647-6445.