Established in 1877

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he Bridgeport Inn is near several vibrant fishing lakes and streams. With the Bridgeport Inn as your base, youll have an unparalleled variety of the finest trout fishing in the world!
wEast Walker River  w
Only a few miles north of the Inn, the East Walker famous for trophy trout runs from Bridgeport Lake eight miles to the Nevada state line, then continues its journey into Nevada.  There are some hefty rainbows in this river, but it is most well-known for its large brown trout.  A visit to the Eastern Sierra is not complete without sampling this marvelous fishery.  
w Bridgeport Lake  w
his large meadow lake is located directly behind the town of Bridgeport.  Although primarily a boaters lake, there are good shore fishing spots near the dam at the north end of the lake.  The bigger fish are usually caught in the early summer or fall.  Approximately 35,000 ten to twelve inch rainbows are planted each year along with over 70,000 sub-catchable browns.   Bridgeport Lake is one of those that continually grows large fish.  Facilities include boat ramps, marinas, and boat rentals.
w Twin Lakes  w
ore big brown trout are caught at Twin Lakes than any other water in California.  Located 11 miles from Bridgeport at 7,100 feet, these beautiful lakes also have an abundance of catchable planted rainbows and great tasting Kokanee Salmon.  Facilities include campgrounds, a marina, boat rentals, two boat launches, and picnic areas.
w West Walker River  w
he West Walker is for the angler who is not a specialist, and the camper who wants an easy-to-reach stream where chances are good of catching a trout dinner: the West Walker River receives plants of 61,000 rainbows each year.
w Robinson Creek  w
pilling from the lower of the Twin Lakes, Robinson Creek eventually spills into Bridgeport Lake eight miles downstream.  The most popular section is a two-mile stretch that flows through several tree-lined campgrounds near Lower Twin.  The Creek is loaded with rainbows throughout the season and receives over 50,000 plants each year.
w  Buckeye Creek  w
his secluded stream in the Twin Lakes Recreation Area is reached by taking a four-mile dirt road off the Twin Lakes road.  It is stocked often by the Department of Fish and Game during the season and also holds many small, wild brook trout.
w  Virginia Lakes  w
he Virginia Lakes are a gateway to a beautiful high mountain basin where there are eight small alpine lakes within a two-mile circle, and a cold mountain stream, Virginia Creek, that flows into the Bridgeport Reservoir.  You reach Virginia Lakes by driving south twelve miles from Bridgeport on Highway 395, then turn onto a road that ends six miles later at Big Virginia, Little Virginia and Trumbull Lakes.  Short hikes take you to Red Lake, Blue Lake, Cooney Lake, Frog Lakes, and the 10,450 foot-high Moat Lake.  This entire area has great natural beauty with both the Virginias receiving over 10,000 catchable rainbow plants each year.  Trumbull Lake also receives substantial plants and has a small campground lakeside.
w Green Creek  w
ix miles south of Bridgeport on Highway 395 an access road leads west to a nice, little creekside campground.  Most people dont go to Green Creek to fish; they go to hike.  They should also get out their fishing rods because Green Creek is stocked with over 6,000 rainbow trout plants at the campground and at several other points along the stream.